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Love love love šŸ’™
Waking up next to you kidding me every weekend has to be the best feeling in the universe šŸ’•

Oregon Opal sphere
I remember crying over you and I donā€™t mean a couple of tears and Iā€™m blue. Iā€™m talking about collapsing and screaming at the moon. The Avett Brothers, Tear Down the House (via hplyrikz)

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Yeah cuddling naked is nice but there is something so sensual about laying together with your clothes on just to have them lift your shirt a little and grab your hip, then run their hand up and down your body to tease you. And by having just a small bit of your skin exposed, it leaves your body begging for more, and your nerves burn to have their hand pull your shirt up just a little more, grab your waist and caress your skin. Then the sweet and dangerous motion of their hand tugging your pants down slightly to give you false hope of satisfaction is dispelled by the sudden tug to pull your pants back up, and it gives you the feeling of dire need to be touched more. Clothes are great, actually.



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